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Understanding An Orthodontic Observation Or Recall Appointment

We understand that, as parents you have busy schedules, and a lot of your time is spent facilitating the needs of your child. From activities to appointments …and everything in-between.

If you are adding to your already busy schedule, repeated visits to our [link url=]Surrey orthodontics[/link] office, it clearly extends your to-do list.

So at MadukeBulat, we thought we would better inform our current and pending parents, of what an orthodontic observation or recall appointment entails, and why they are both necessary and beneficial.

Firstly, you should know that these appointments are usually less than 15 minutes in duration, and their necessity plays out as follows…

These appointments are scheduled for orthodontic patients who are either not yet quite ready for braces, or have had an interceptive phase of treatment and are waiting for their remaining permanent teeth to come in. As your Surrey orthodontist, we will take a progress x-ray at this appointment, as it helps to evaluate a child’s dental development.

[b]We also use these appointments to…[/b][i][/i]

[b]Check the condition of your child’s retainer. [/b]
Phase 1 retainers are often bonded directly to the teeth, and sometimes the bonding material wears thin with normal eating. If a retainer comes loose or is lost, the teeth will move and the result of the initial treatment will be compromised. It only takes a couple of minutes to add cement to an intact retainer, and prevent unwanted shifting of teeth.

Also, we use a recall appointment to see when it is appropriate to remove a space maintainer. A space maintainer is designed to preserve the space necessary for the eruption of a permanent tooth, after the corresponding tooth is lost early.

[b]Evaluate the loss of primary teeth and the eruption of the permanent replacements. [/b]
Losing primary teeth on time and in the right order can help the permanent teeth come in straighter. If we notice that a baby tooth is not falling out on time, or we identify in an x-ray that the permanent teeth are headed in the wrong direction, these potential concerns need to be addressed. Ignoring this developing problem can add months to a patient’s orthodontic treatment.

[b]Address timing of the next phase of treatment. [/b]
Understandably, braces are a long process, so we want to ensure the quickest and most effective treatment possible. If we wait too long, we might miss the opportunity to keep the treatment window short.

Having your orthodontist follow your child’s development will help them receive the care they need when they need it.

So although these appointments might seem short and unnecessary, as your [link url=]Surrey Orthodontists[/link], we know exactly what to look for at an observation or recall appointment, and will make sure that your child is progressing towards an optimal orthodontic result!

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