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Understanding Gum Recession

There are a variety of reasons one might experience gum recession, as mentioned in our last post. Genetics can play a roll. However, in addition to that, here are some other reasons why gum recession might occur and how you can safeguard against it, or work with your dental professional to stop it.

Vigorous Tooth Brushing
Go easy on those pearly whites. Vigorous tooth brushing does not necessarily mean cleaner teeth. Gentle brushing should suffice in order to clean your teeth, followed by flossing. And be sure to pay attention to the gum line, always utilizing a soft-bristled brush.

Tooth Trauma

If you have a habit of gnawing on pencils or straws, or any such objects, stop! You can easily cut your gums this way. Additionally, if you tend to clench or grind your teeth, your gums will also suffer the consequences. So get to the bottom of why you might have these kinds of nervous or stress related issues to help elevate this tooth and gum destructive behavior. We, and your family dentist, may recommend a bruxing guard to protect your teeth, if a habit is detected.

Braces for your teeth (including invisalign) will eliminate crooked teeth, but while shifting to make room for misaligned teeth, your braces will also possibly stretch your gums and alter your bone structure. If the bone and gum tissue covering these teeth is thin to begin with, then there is a risk that pushing the teeth further will result in the bone and gums becoming even thinner or even absent to some degree.

When this occurs, gum grafting is an option which will cover in our next post.

At MadukeBulat Orthodontists, we don’t simply create beautiful smiles we create healthy ones too. We ensure to cover off any potential concerns that you might face along your orthodontic journey, and make it as seamless as possible throughout!

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