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What Are Orthodontic Brackets?

What Are Orthodontic Brackets

Orthodontic brackets are the little pieces of metal that are fixed to the fronts or backs of teeth with a special glue. These pieces of metal stay on your teeth throughout your treatment and then are removed at the end.

These brackets have a tiny place for a metal wire to go through which connects together all your teeth. Some brackets may also have little hooks for the later addition of rubber bands to pull your teeth in one direction or another.

Some teeth may not be appropriate for brackets, such as a tooth not fully erupted or a tooth that doesn’t have a good flat surface. These teeth may receive a band that goes all the way around the tooth instead of just the little piece fixed on one side.

What are brackets made of?

Brackets are traditionally metal, and usually nickel-based unless the patient has an allergy to nickel. In that case, it is possible to have titanium brackets or gold-plated stainless steel.

What do brackets feel like?

Brackets are painless when they are fixed to your teeth. However, the inside parts of your lips or cheeks will need time to get used to having them there. It’s something new in your mouth. Your orthodontist will give you something like wax to cover a bracket if it’s bothering you.

How do brackets come off?

Don’t worry! They come off easily when the time comes. Your orthodontist has a special tool for removing them quickly and painlessly. Occasionally, one may pop off the tooth and you will have to come in to get it replaced. This might happen if you’re eating something hard (that you shouldn’t be) or playing rough sports.

Hopefully we’ve given you some good information about brackets so you won’t worry about them when it’s time to get your braces.

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