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What Are the Benefits of LightForce Light Bracket Braces?

What Are the Benefits of LightForce Light Bracket Braces?

There are many different types of braces used in orthodontics. Your certified orthodontic specialist works with the patient to choose the best type of braces to use in each individual situation, as each patient is different. LightForce Light Bracket Braces are one type of braces that we use in our practice. In today’s blog article we are going to talk about what they are and what their benefits are.

What are LightForce Light Bracket Braces?

LightForce Light Bracket Braces are a special type of braces in which each bracket is custom made to fit each individual tooth. With traditional braces, the brackets for certain teeth are the same for each patient. But that is different with LightForce Light Bracket Braces.

The Advantages of LightForce Light Bracket Braces

LightForce Light Bracket Braces use cutting edge technology. First the mouth of the patient is scanned, and then that information is used to create brackets designed to fit each tooth. These braces have a choice of clear brackets or white brackets.

The advantage of LightForce Light Bracket Braces is the custom fit. Because these brackets are designed to fit the tooth it will be used on, the brackets fit the teeth better, and the patient is less likely to break brackets or have them come off the tooth. Because of the custom fit, sometimes the time needed to straighten teeth can be shorter since the whole process is more efficient.

Customized Treatment Plan with LightForce Light Bracket Braces

In addition to the custom brackets, LightForce Light Bracket Braces use custom, trademarked software to picture the patients’ teeth and customize the treatment plan. It is a digital solution from start to finish that gives excellent results.

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