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What parents need to know about Invisalign

The Appeal of Invisalign for Children

For parents concerned about how their children look while they’re having orthodontic work done, Invisalign appears to be the perfect solution. The aligners don’t draw any attention to the wearer and most people would never know the person is straightening their teeth. Contrast that with braces, which are obvious to everyone, and you can see how it might make everyone happier to be wearing them.

Considering the Concerns

But if you do a little research, you’ll find a lot of negative reviews about Invisalign for children. There is a lot of concern about using Invisalign with children who still have their baby teeth because they’re not as flexible and don’t address any structural problems.

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Examining the Benefits

On the positive side, Invisalign is gentler than braces and easier to wear. It’s possible to use a shorter series of Invisalign aligners with younger children.

Maturity Matters

A child’s maturity level might be the most important thing when contemplating using Invisalign orthodontic treatment. Does the child understand the importance of wearing the appliances all the time, except when eating, and remember to put them back on after they’ve brushed their teeth? Will they remember to rinse and clean the aligners every day?

When a child is mature enough to remember those daily tasks, then they’re ready for Invisalign.

The Teenage Advantage

If your child is older, especially in their teens, many orthodontists believe that Invisalign is ideal. It checks all the boxes, taking care of all the problems mentioned above, and will give your child a beautiful smile without any of the attention-grabbing wires and elastics.

If you’re interested in checking out Invisalign in Surrey, come and talk us at Maduke-Bulat Orthodontics. We’re a  Premier Provider of Invisalign and we know the best ways to improve your smile and specialize in orthodontics for children.

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