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What You Should Know About Invisalign Attachments and Buttons

What You Should Know About Invisalign Attachments and Buttons

If you are considering Invisalign to straighten your teeth, it’s essential to learn about attachments and buttons. For some, these tiny accessories can play an integral role in moving your teeth into their proper place. 

What are Attachments and Buttons?

Invisalign attachments are small tooth-colored or clear bumps placed attached at specific locations to help the aligner bind with your teeth and shift the alignment into the correct position. 

Invisalign buttons, on the other hand, act as anchor points for rubber bands to allow orthodontists to add extra pressure for severe malocclusions.

Both attachments and buttons are barely noticeable from a distance once they’re put in place.

Are Buttons and Attachments Painful?

Applying attachments should not hurt. Orthodontists use a dental bonding material–liquid composite resin–to secure the attachment to your teeth. While it’s true that some patients can experience minor discomfort as their mouths become accustomed to the new objects, they should not bother you for long.

Does Everyone Need Buttons and Attachments for Invisalign?

Not everyone who gets Invisalign will require either buttons or attachments. They are put on purposefully for additional support throughout the treatment period, especially if a misalignment issue is complex or needs additional pressure.

Having Invisalign attachments and buttons may seem like a strange idea at first, but they’re essential to achieving that perfect smile and correcting mouth alignment over time. 

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