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What’s Required to Become an Orthodontist in Canada?

Steps to Become an Orthodontist in Canada

Becoming an orthodontist in Canada is not a quick or easy road and takes years of schooling and experience to make it happen. Even after becoming a licensed orthodontist, it takes years more of learning and experience to become truly skilled. And of course, as with any profession, best practice is always changing and evolving, and an experienced orthodontist needs to continually be learning and staying on top of this.

Step 1: Complete a Bachelor of Science Degree

To become an orthodontist in Canada, there is first a long journey through post-secondary education which must be navigated. The first step is to finish a four-year Bachelor of Science degree, which is part of the admissions requirements into dental school. There are 10 dental schools in Canada, with the UBC Faculty of Dentistry being the option in British Columbia (and where Dr. Bulat attended). Admissions for dental programs are extremely competitive, and only exceptional individuals are permitted entry.

Step 2: Become a General Dentist

After four more years of university, you are now considered a general dentist. At this point, you may choose to work as a dentist, or to specialize and become an orthodontist. This Master degree is another three year program, which includes a residency program. Often, experience for a few years working as a general dentist is required before being accepted into this Masters Program. And of course, admissions are even more competitive than dentistry, with only a handful of applicants accepted each year.

Step 3: Write the National Dental Specialty Board Certification Exam

Once you have completed this schooling, you now get to write the National Dental Specialty Board certification exam, which is administered by the Royal College of Dentists of Canada.

Step 4: Obtain Licensure as an Orthodontist

If you have made it this far, you would finally be a licensed Orthodontist, such as Dr. Sandra Maduke and Dr. Ryan Bulat. Of course, this does not mean it is time to relax. Skilled orthodontists continue to learn and gain experience, as they encounter new challenges and work through exciting cases throughout their career. Experienced orthodontists can draw upon years of knowledge to determine the best course of treatment, anticipate and prevent problems, and provide the highest level of care to all their patients.
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