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What’s unique about adult orthodontics?

Adults looking for orthodontic help have to deal with many problems that younger patients don’t have to worry about. In some cases, helping an adult discover a beautiful smile is even more difficult. Here are a few things that make adult orthodontics unique:

  1. An adult’s mouth is very different
    When a child is wearing braces, the teeth move easier because the child’s jaw and tissues are still developing and growing. The bone hasn’t completely set and the tissues are more pliable. With adults, bones are harder and older tissue takes longer to adjust.Shutterstock 237514222
  2. Previous dental work
    A child’s mouth is usually untouched and untreated, so there is no previous damage or dental work to contend with. But if an adult has already had a tooth extracted, that can cause a lot of problems for an orthodontist.
  3. Bigger health issues
    Adults are more likely to have problems with their teeth and gums, such gingivitis infections or teeth that have been ground down over many years of use. Although braces will still work, it may require a more involved orthodontic process.
  4. Expense
    Anyone with any kind of health insurance has probably noticed that most plans will cover a child’s orthodontics but offer nothing for adults. Although we try to keep the costs as reasonable as we can, this is an expense that you’ll want to plan for.

There are also new and better treatments for orthodontic problems that make it easier for adults to fix their smiles. Invisalign is an almost invisible appliance that goes over your teeth and does the work of braces, without the uncomfortable wires.

Maduke Bulat is Surrey’s adult orthodontics centre, with years of experience working with patients of all ages. So if you’re thinking of having a better looking smile, come and talk to us today.

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