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Where In The World Are My Wisdom Teeth

With age often comes wisdom and the same can be said for wisdom teeth, they come with age. These ‘back of the line’ teeth, grow in on each side of your jaw and are late bloomers usually arriving between the ages of 16 and 20.

Most often, individuals have these teeth removed, as there isn’t enough space left in the mouth for such additional teeth. Due to this, you often might hear of ‘impacted wisdom teeth’, which is a tooth (or teeth) that is trapped under the gums and/or under another tooth, as there is no more room along the jaw for it to erupt.

Sometimes you might see the tip of a wisdom tooth growing in, and think that it will emerge unscathed. But you might not be seeing the ‘right side’ of the tip and it could simply be any edge of that tooth. Without an appropriate x-ray, no one can know for sure if it will emerge a success.

Before you receive any orthodontic treatment for teeth braces, this is all taken into consideration, as any additional teeth can of course cause a disruption in aligning your smile with braces.

In addition, if your wisdom teeth are removed before you turn 20, it will be a less invasive procedure as the roots will have had less time to develop this making the extraction a lot more straightforward and lessen the recovery time.

As part of your orthodontic treatment assessment, MadukeBulat will go over all the questions and concerns you might have, and a few you might not have been aware of.

So don’t hesitate to make an appointment, and come in to see us for clarification of all your concerns!

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