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You Are What You Eat

As your Orthodontic Specialists in Surrey and Delta, we know you’ve heard it said: ‘you are what you eat’, and in our fast-paced culture that isn’t always the prettiest of pictures.

Although a lot of us are able to hide our unhealthy diet due to good genes, our insides are no stranger to the food and drink we might be consuming. At some point, your outer appearance is going to reflect your inner consumptions.

Not only is your health at risk, your breath is as well. The gum and breath mint industry is a multi-billion dollar giant for this very reason. An industry that is built on covering up the smell of the food you are consuming. Whether it’s a quick fix due to the coffee you chugged down for breakfast, of the Caesar salad you consumed over lunch, or a more serious problem of covering up chronic bad breath, mints are not the best solution.

Apart from bad breath due to gum disease or tooth decay, which should both be addressed by a dental professional, there are ways to guard against bad breath due to the foods you consume.

Grocery Isle – Bad Breath Causers

Onions and Garlic-oh my!

It may go without saying, but we thought we would throw a reminder out there that garlic and onions pack a powerful bad-breath punch.

Garlic has the ability to linger on your tongue for up to 72 hours thanks to it’s sulfurous compound known as allicin. When allicin breaks down in the stomach, it gives off a variety of volatile compounds and those compounds make their way into your blood and then out through your lungs.

That being said, garlic actually acts as a natural antibiotic so perhaps don’t eliminate it from your diet entirely, just tread lightly with consumption.

Onions also have much of the same benefits and downfalls. Rich in fiber and beneficial sulfurous compounds, they are thought to lower cholesterol, improve circulation and possibly even help prevent colon cancer.

Milk Products

Milk products carry with them certain enzymes, which can linger on your tongue and begin the process of bad breath. Much like expired milk smells, so too can you run the risk of smelling like a week old carton of milk.

So although you don’t want to eliminate milk products from your diet, be conscious of brushing your tongue after your morning cereal, or your mid-morning coffee.

At MadukeBulat, we want to see our patients happy and healthy, and part of that package usually includes fresh breath. So feel free to ask us about any concerns you might have regarding your breath and braces!

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